Case Study 1

CA Students are from non IT Background and it takes deep time and effort to make them understand IT related Concepts We put into our effort for this CA Intermediate Student and finally she after 4 days of coaching was able to get 65 in CA Intermediate Computer paper and was able to clear the exam

Meenakshi (CA Inter Stdent)

Case Study 2

Himanshu was a student who was intellligent in overall all subjects in his class however for computers he was not able to grasp concepts. So we took a one day 6 hrs coaching session for him explaining in laymans' languyage all the computer fundamentals basic concepts and to our surpise he scored 100 out of 100 in his terms exam there after he continued with same passion and did his enginnering from BITS Pilani and landed into Banking Firm as a IT Developer in R Programming